Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sea the Scrappy Quilt

Finshed size was 48" x 43".
I finally finished my scrappy quilt with the remaining nautical and pirate theme fabrics from previous projects. I have several projects in the works, but kept getting motivated to finish this in order to get one UFO (unfinished fabric object) completed and the project box freed up. Plus, this fabric is FINALLY gone except for a few pieces I stuck in a baggie and will keep for awhile in case I need some of it for an applique embellishment (kind of wish now I had embellished that red box in the lower right-hand corner before I stitched the layers together. Oh, well.)

I also used up several miscellaneous leftover strips from other projects. I probably would not have chosen some of them if I had to go to the fabric store and pick out coordinating fabrics. But, as I pulled them from my strip collection, they worked.

A few people I showed the quilt to were more impressed with the backing. That is the only piece of fabric I bought especially for this project. I also like this particular design. The rest was stash reduction.

I decided after my quilt I made for the California Rural Letter Carriers' Association PAC that I would use a letter with an applique stamp motif for my name label. I need to get black fabric paint. I do not like the way the fine-tip Sharpie bleeds.

Friend Celeste and I took turns stitching the center section in a freehand meandering pattern. I started a loop-to-loop design on the top outside sash, but did not like how the sides were turning out. I picked out the stitches on the sides and pinned my take-up lead on each side of the sashing, one side at a time, to do the loop-to-loop design. I still am not real thrilled with it.

After I made my name label with the letter motif including an applique stamp, I decided to use this design for my name labels, at least for awhile. So, here it is, complete with fishy stamp.

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